Emotional Anatomy Icons
Set of 40 Useful Icons
Pareidolia Poster
Punk & Junk Radio Show
Department of Theatre and Dance brochure design
The Ink Bats: LOSS
Historic Homes & Gardens: Fisher Park
Furnitureland South Shopping Guide
Print advertising for Furnitureland South
Poster and promotion for Art Chantry March 17, 2017
Poster promoting gig for Crash Course in Science
Poster promoting concert by Savage Republic
Flier for The Proletariat / The FUs / Extended Hell
Burger Beach Bash, NYC (art by Avi Spivak)
Double Life: Miklós Rózsa's Concert Music for Strings
Preservation Greensboro’s Tour of Historic Homes 2016
Preservation Greensboro's 2015 Tour Book
Preservation Greensboro's Scavenger Hunt Clue Card
A rebrand of Mad Dog Mesa Olive Oil
A rebrand of Bigelow Tea
The Pit July 4 2015 Commemorative Bandanna / Napkin
Empire Eats Postcard Check Presenters
Rivendell Bicycle Works Mug
Rivendell Bicycle Works: Renovelo
Rivendell Bicycle Works: Simpleone
Rivendell Bicycle Works: Quickbeam, Version 2
Rivendell Bicycle Works: Sam Hillborne
Rivendell Bicycle Works: Betty Foy
Rivendell Bicycle Works: Bombadil, Version 2
Rivendell Bicycle Works: Bombadil, Version 1
Sow the City // Community garden mobile app.
Web Design // Working and Prototype
The Broken Heart Dolls
1" Pin Back Buttons.
Abstract photography
Summer Leftovers (Casualties of Summer 2016)
Summer's End
Found at the Farmer's Market
Alien Landscapes
More music related work
The Hanging Garden: Current flyers and banners.
Further Adventures of the Hanging Garden
DJ and gig fliers
A few things I've done...
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