Here is something you’ve never seen before… MOTORMAINIA.
A false start if there ever was one! Nearly two decades lost to the sands of time and bytes of computers. This project had about as much buzz as a bee-hive in the arctic! It did, however, let me see my ridiculous drawings come to life as 3-d hand samples. The concept was that this group of maniacs would be pull-back cars for kiddos to play with. The reality was biting hard and the project was shelved after initial hand-samples were made. These were never in my possession — I’ve never seen them in real life, but take my word for it — these are exactly as they should look: A speed demon-rockabilly greaser with tattoos, a little old lady with a death-wish of speed and the eyesight of a mole, a greased up metal mouth of a fast food joint’s assistant to the assistant manager, and a zombified voodoo witch doctor that will literally strip the meat off the bone of anyone.

How on earth can this be a dud?!?!?
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