Icon bank for GVR. These icons were created to unify and tighten up internal documents that get created by the company’s employees (Powerpoint and other presentations). What you see is a partial sample of a much wider array of icons available for their use. The reason for the black, blue, green, and red options is because those are the company colors. 
From the top: Customization, Customized Apps, E-Locks, Eco.
From the top: Electronics Board, Electronics, Encoder, Filter.
From the top: Flexibility, Fuel, Globe, Home Office
From the top: Meter/Gauge, Media, Integration, Innovate.
From the top: Meter, Motor, Motorcycle, Multilingual.
From the top: Connectivity, Performance, Motion, Touch.
From the top: Remote Diagnostics, Pumping Unit, Printer, Price Tag.
From the top: Remote Display, Remote Management, Right Brain/Left Brain, Secure Transactions.
From the top: Security, Service, Serviceability, Structure.
From the top: Sustainability, Systems, Tamper Resistant, Touch Display.
From the top: UX, Valve, Van, Water Management.
From the top:Alt Fuel, Car, Components, 
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