For as long as there have been books, there have been bookmarks — over 2000 years. About two millennia later I was in an international exhibit of bookmark art through the University of the West of England’s book art department. While I exhibited my work many times, I have rarely shown the bookmarks outside of the exhibit. Of the six designs I have shown over the years, this one remains my favorite, (you and look at all the past year's work in the links at the end of this text). 

 What follows is the blurb from the original exhibit’s website:
One can think of these bookmarks as a tribute to pulp fiction and crime novels. These are mugshots of ne'er-do-wells from an era that seems really far away.
These thugs still commit crimes. While getting these bookmarks ready I nearly lost a thumb in a stack cutter. They might just be responsible for your next paper cut. I can't be held responsible for any bad mojo that lurks in the fibers, but if you do get cut, I want to know about it!

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